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Personalized . Durable . Effective

Cancer Vaccines 

Pyrojas is developing immunotherapies for the treatment and prevention of human cancers. Grounded in our commitment to excellence, integrity, innovation, and patient-centricity, Pyrojas is on a mission to promote durable immunity and recurrence-free survival of patients from cancer.


Our flagship therapy, PyroCells is a personalized cancer vaccine that harnesses the power of the immune system to recognize and destroy cancer cells. By utilizing the unique genetic makeup of each patient's tumor, a precise and targeted approach to cancer treatment is created. The PyroCells vaccines are designed to activate the patient's immune system against heterogeneous cancer antigens and overcome the challenge presented by the immunosuppressive TIME, tumor immune microenvironment.


Join us in our mission to achieve Pyrojas, pure immunity, from human cancers

Pyrojas Logo.png

Pyrojas Corporation

180 Varick St. Floor 6

NYC, NY, 10014

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